Visit of the President of the Republic of Srpska

On September 20, 2022, “Orao” JSC was visited by President of Republic of Srpska Ms Zeljka Cvijanovic. This were President’s third visit to "Orao" JSC, since "Orao" is at the site of Semberia.



Business results so far, as well as the company's future development plan were presented to the President on that occasion.

After the opening meeting, the President visited the “Memorial room for fallen soldiers of Patriotic war” and enrolled in a book of mourning, after which she laid flowers at a “Memorial for fallen soldiers”.



"The previous year we achieved record revenues from sale performance, which are 18% higher than in year 2020. In agreement with the President of Republic of Srpska, we are sure that in all Republic of Srpska’s authorized bodies, we will receive the necessary support for the realization of new projects. The goal of this Management is to "Orao" JSC have the business results higher than the previous year. We have set a high goal and, together with all employees, we are making maximum efforts to meet this goal. With the realization of existing contracts, opportunities are opened up for the conclusion of new contracts with foreign partners," said Acting Director of “Orao” JSC Mladen Stojanovic.



"The great patriotic act was made by people who transferred the factory from Rajlovac to Bijeljina, where business activities began in difficult times.

They were pioneers in making an economic ambiance, saving an important resource. I am pleased that we have highly educated staff here, with the specific knowledge necessary for the performance of this activity – engine overhaul. Republic of Serbia is a strategic partner for "Orao" JSC, and I am pleased that there is co-operation with European, but also countries outside Europe," President Cvijanovic said.






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