Visit of the Minister of Economy and Entrepreneurship

The Minister of Economy and Entrepreneurship of the Republika Srpska, Vojin Mitrović, announced today that this Ministry, in cooperation with the relevant Ministries from Serbia, will help the company "Orao" JSC in Bijeljina in accessing new contracts that will enable them to operate more comfortably and smoothly this year.

We are pleased with the fact that "Orao" JSC is working on acquiring a new type of engine, which will give perspective and income in the next ten years and provide a safe existence for workers and this company in the Republic of Srpska - Mitrović said.

He praised the plans of the company "Orao" JSC, linked with certain contracts with Serbia. Implementation of these contracts will begin, stressing that this is encouraging and will contribute to an increase in income.

Mitrović praised the company in the previous year because they successfully resolved all tax obligations in the matter of taxes and contributions of about nine million KM, stating that the Government of the Republic of Srpska helped the company to take credit and fulfill these obligations.




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