Students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the Faculty of Technology completed their student internship at "Orao" a.d. Bijeljina

In light of collaboration between educational institutions and business entities, "Orao" a.d. Bijeljina has provided young students with the opportunity to experience a real business environment through student internships. Students from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Novi Sad and the Faculty of Technology in Karakaj joined the "Orao" a.d. team to gain practical experiences that will accompany them in future engineering endeavors.

Participation in shaping future engineers is an important step for the company towards building a skilled workforce that will lead industrial innovations. This practice has not only provided students with technical knowledge but also the chance to be part of an inspiring collective, tackling everyday challenges through teamwork, communication, and time management.

Mr. Mladen Stojanović, the CEO of "Orao" a.d. Bijeljina, shares the vision of the importance of such initiatives: "Our company has a responsibility towards itself and the entire community to shape the experts of the future. Through these internships, we provide support to students and create bridges that connect education with real business challenges."



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