New Collective Agreement

On May 23, 2023, a new Collective Agreement was signed at the premises of the company "Orao" a.d. Bijeljina.

The negotiating parties reached an agreement on a new Collective Agreement on employment. This significant event marks a new era of cooperation between the company management and the trade union organization, which will result in improved working conditions for employees.

The Collective Agreement was signed between the management of "Orao" a.d. Bijeljina, led by the Acting Director Mladen Stojanović, and the trade union organization "Orao" a.d. Bijeljina, represented by the President Dragan Lontoš. Throughout the entire preparation and signing process, the General Secretary of the Metal Industry and Mining Union, Tane Peulić, was present as a representative of the sector union, authorized by the President of the Metal Industry and Mining Union, Dr. Radenko Smiljanić.

The Director of "Orao" a.d. Bijeljina emphasized that: "The new Collective Agreement represents a significant step forward in improving working conditions at the company. This Collective Agreement will lead to salary increases, along with fairer and more adequate compensation for the work, effort, and dedication of the employees.

The signing of this collective agreement is part of the company's long-term development strategy, based on respect and support for the employees. The company management expresses gratitude to the trade union organization for the constructive dialogue and willingness to reach mutually acceptable solutions."

The General Secretary of the Metal Industry and Mining Union highlighted that: "The new collective agreement represents a strong signal of sustainable partnership between the company management and the trade union organization. Furthermore, I expect this to become a model of collaboration in other companies, as it improves working conditions and creates a fairer environment for all employees in the industry."



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